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About the creator (Richard Mant)

Having started programming at the age of 7 with BBC BASIC and HTML, I have built up quite a repertoire of languages I understand and can use, including PHP, MySQL, C/C++, Python, Java, JavaScript and TCL to name a few.

Currently in my first year of University, I have constantly expanded on my passion for Computing throughout the last 11.

About this site

Since purchasing the domain back in 2006, I have used it to learn and expand on my understanding of PHP/MySQL and the site has seen numerous revisions. Now I wish to make it a showcase of some of my work as well as a showcase for how I can use my knowledge in web-design and development - you might have noticed the URIs not having any file extensions.

Over the next few years as I go through Uni, I may even publish papers and other pieces of work that are no longer just hobby pieces.

Notes of thanks

My thanks goes to TSO Host for their excellent service and server packages - Without them, my site would be back in the dark ages as my last host was bought out and effectively shut down; and to Adam Haskell for the great time we had learning to program those RISC OS Desktops