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Small File System is a now unmaintained project that I started to look into implementing a fully-functional File System that might be able to compete with NTFS or ext3/4. Conceived as being a lightweight, compact and small-overhead File System, the SFS design boasts file nodes taking up only the space for a file itself and some critical metadata and INodes holding only what they have to in order to describe the way the disk looks.

Due to a lack of knowledge on my part and a lack of time, the project quickly broke down. However, it enabled me to gain a unique insight into how disk storage and file retrieval works and why. It also enabled me to develop an understanding and appreciation of how file systems work and as a result, I successfully implemented a Virtual File System in the software library and Game Engine Future Consciousness in 2009.

Small File System sub-domain

Due to my now understanding File Systems and VFS's better now, I have put plans afoot to create several more specialised VFS's for various elements of game-data in my Game Engine, and for my implementation of a Disk/Virtual File System for Windows and Linux (and maybe Mac OS[X]) to proceed SFS. As I now have an understanding of how to implement true tree structures and how to implement the proper lookup and insertion/deletion algorithms, this looks to be much more promising as I know a fair amount more theory behind how the system should work.